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UNIMET Ltd. is a highly specialized supplier of carbon and alloy steel, steel sheets, seamless and welded steel tubes, and profiles. The provided steel products are with a guaranteed origin and always accompanied by a quality certificate.

Our long-term partners are the most renowned and competitive producers of steel bars, sheets, tubes and profiles from Russia, Ukraine, China, Central and Eastern Europe.

Our company is operating in the Bulgarian market for more than 15 years.
Our central office and central warehouse are situated in the town of Kazanlak, a particularly convinient logistical centre for the territory of Republic of Bulgaria. Also, we have another warehouse in Gabrovo district - Vranilovtsi village - for the sake of convenience of our clients.

"UNIMET” Ltd. is also an exporting company - we export various products of Bulgarian origin to the markets of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

"UNIMET” Ltd. is a certified company according to Standard EN ISO 9001:2015 - Certificate No: SOF6009047 with profile/Activity: "Wholesale of metal products – with specialized and alloyed quality, steel profiles, steel tubes, steel sheets, and other steel products".

UNIMET Ltd. – A steel supplier and a reliable business partner.

Mission and Values

UNIMET Ltd. is a business partner with an impeccable reputation. Our brand name serves as a guarantee to our customers that they will be given the best commercial terms, individual approach, and fulfilment of our commitments.

  • We offer only high quality products
  • We always fulfill our commitments
  • We highly value the partnership with our customers
  • We are professionals with a high business ethics
  • We care about and are responsible for our employees
  • We are interested in new projects and opportunities for development of new business ideas



In the period between 1992 - 1996 the company became:
- One of the major importers of textiles and wool to the Bulgarian market;
- One of the largest exporters of Bulgarian canned products (fruits and vegetables) to Russia;
- Major importer of Bulgarian wines to the Russian market;
- Producer (own manufacturing areas and equipment) of ketchup with patented commercial brand in the former Soviet republics.


In 1999 the company transformed into "UNIMET” Ltd. and accepted its current business model - presentation and delivery of high-quality steel, metals and alloys manufactured by the most competitive producers to the leading companies of the engineering, machinery construction and equipment producing industry in Bulgaria.


Over the past 15 years we have proven ourselves as a reliable, efficient and competitive partner in the business sector of steel deliveries.

Certificates and references

Thanks to the hard work of our team of specialists, Unimet has a number of certificates proving the quality of our products as well as our loyalty as a business partner.

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